Bamboo lovers – about us

From the moment we first discovered bamboo as a fibre in textiles, we became “Hooked”

The more we looked into its story, the more excited we became.

Strangely it’s a story that in our opinion has not been shared enough. We’d like to help change that.

Being aware of the environmental issues that the earth faces these days, we feel that if we can introduce as many people to this relatively low profile resource and educate them on the benefits of this amazing product, then switching to bamboo might just make a difference to our beautiful planet.

So why are we so excited about it?

The feel has to be the first thing mentioned. Bamboo fibre is amazingly soft. Once you try Bamboo fabric against your skin, you may not want anything else. But that’s just a bonus because it has so many beneficial properties to speak of.

It’s antimicrobial, meaning it inhibits bacterial growth. Studies have shown that 70% of live bacteria died when placed on 100% bamboo fabric.

It has superb wicking abilities and its breathability is second to none. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

And what about it’s eco-friendliness?

Bamboo is naturally resilient to pests, so pesticides are not needed, combine that with it being a round smooth cellulose fibre, means it is low irritant and brilliant for those who suffer skin disorders,

Living in one of the world’s driest continents we are very aware how precious water is.

Knowing that Bamboo uses very little water to grow, is a very comforting thought. Topped with the fact that it is a compact plant, using ten times less space to grow, when compared with cotton.

Regenerating at an amazing rate, due to the fact it is a grass and there’s no need to replant after harvesting, it just keeps growing.

Last but certainly not least, it’s biodegradable.

By offering products that we have sourced, that we think have a superior feel and quality, we are able to give you, the opportunity to experience first-hand, just how magnificent bamboo is. We hope that in turn you too will become “Hooked on Bamboo” and spread the word of this amazing alternative fibre.

Enough said, Why not just trust your senses,

“We invite you to try bamboo”