Drying your hair- There is an easier way

Drying your hair – There is an easier way

The Bamlour®  Wet hair wrap

Lady with hair dryer

Do you get annoyed with trying to keep a towel on your head as you dry your body after a shower?

Isn’t it frustrating trying to slip a dress or shirt over a bulky hair towel as you get dressed because you don’t want to drip all over your fresh clothes.

Are you tired of having to wash so many bath towels?

And what about spending way too much time with a hair dryer, which literally sucks the life out of your luscious locks.

You know, it has been said that the best way to dry your hair after washing, is to gently squeeze out the moisture with a soft cloth then let hair air dry. Well I am not sure about you but I find most cotton towels quite hard and rough, and if you’ve ever experienced microfibre! Ahh I can’t stand the way it clings to my fingers, I can only imagine what it would do to my delicate hair strands. Well Forget trying to balance a heavy towel, forget having to use two towels, forget walking around with dripping hair.

Heavy towel


A wet hair wrap /turban would have to be one of the most useful bathroom essential ever designed. It’s small and light enough that you can leave it on as you slip that dress or shirt over your head. You can leave it on while you apply your makeup or go about doing whatever it is you need to do and when it’s time to do your hair, these amazing little hair wraps have done a brilliant job at removing the wetness out of you hair. If you do want to use the hair dryer, you certainly won’t need to use it for long. These little beauties work really well. They’re even great to use while you put a treatment through your hair. Just go about preparing dinner or watch some television, it will stay put for as long as you want it to.


A quality, environmentally friendly product. The

Bamlour® bamboo wet hair wrap is unique that it is made from stretch bamboo fabric, so it sits snugly and at the same time is gentle on your hair. Bamboo fibres are round and smooth, so there’s no clinging or hair breakage. The Bamlour™ bamboo wet hair wrap is a high quality product that is made to last. Ultra absorbent, antibacterial, anti-static and environmentally friendly. The double terry and velour fabrics are so luxurious, you will feel like a princess rather than a Sikh.

They feel so comfortable, you may not want to take it off. Parents will appreciate “NO MORE WET BACKS” These little beauties stay put, even when children are running around. So simple to use, Just turn head over as you would with a towel, place loop to back of neck, twist until a firm fit is achieved, flip head up and secure end by pulling through the strong, well designed loop. It’s that simple, even children can manage using one themselves.

Two styles are available Single: Double loop bamboo stretch terry toweling – 25 x 70 cm & The Reversible Double: Double loop bamboo stretch terry toweling & bamboo velour – 26 x 72 cm. The single style are great for those with fine and or short hair and children. The double are more suited to those with medium, thick and long hair but equally useful for children. With a range of beautiful colours available, why not order a few now, keep them handy for when a gift is needed. A Bamlour™ Wet Hair Wrap makes an ideal present for all age groups. Why not spoil someone you love and throw in a beautiful 500gsm bamboo towel and maybe a wet bag. Great for storing hair wraps in while travelling but also has many other uses.

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