Soft, Cool, Comfortable

Bamboo Underwear

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Soft & Thirsty

Bamboo Towels

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Superior Comfort

Bamboo Socks

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Cami back

Luxuriously Soft

Bamboo Clothing

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Bamlour™ Bamboo dish cloths


Bamboo Dish Cloths

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Bamboo Sheet Sets Jacquard Stripe - hooked on bamboo

 Silky Soft & Beautifully Light

Bamboo Bedding

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Bamlour™ Bamboo wet hair wraps

 Soft & Snug

Bamboo Wet Hair Wraps

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Trust Your Senses And Feel The Difference Of Absolute Comfort

Soft……. Breathable……. Moisture wicking……. Antibacterial……. Sustainable …….and that’s only half the story!


Here at Hooked On Bamboo we are striving to find suppliers who use the highest content of bamboo in their products to ensure our customers are getting the best that bamboo has to offer.

People Love Our Bamboo Products

The Bamlour bamboo dish cloths are great value…I’ve been using mine for 2 weeks strait for everything in my kitchen and it still looks just as new and feels and smells fresh. It also grabs all of the kids spills and crumbs like no cloth I’ve used before.

Mrs. K York


Love the lace look on these socks and most of all, that they are warm and soft feeling all day without being thick and bulky…perfect boot socks!

Kirsten Qld

All high quality products , the work soxs don’t stink ! Even after 5 days on) lol . Dish cloths are a money saver as well & the hair wrap – well I can’t go a day without it now , beats washing 2 towels a day, 🙂
C. Williams Qld