What our customers are saying…

I cannot say enough about these blankets! If you see my other post, you would know that I’m not the type of person who only has one sheet set and one blanket. So once I saw these bamboo blankets I had to get one. I must say it’s the best blanket I have ever bought. It’s so soft and light, yet it’s so warm at the same time. It’s thermo regulating which is great as I like to snuggle up to my blankets even when it is a bit warm. So happy with my purchase, I’ll definitely be getting another one in a different colour just for the sake of it.

A. Kleesh


Love these pants. Wear, wash, fold and wear again…no ironing. They are so soft and cool to wear and look fantastic on. The wide waist band is super comfy and you can vary the bottom from 3/4, 7/8 to full length. Very happy with my purchase.



I love my bamboo sheets! They have a beautiful feel- smooth and silky without being slippery.
No ironing needed, they come off the clothes line crease free.
Such luxury and great to know it is made from such a sustainable product.
Thank you Hooked on Bamboo for introducing me to these sheets.

Katrina Body


I actually bought the work socks for myself and my husband has since taken ownership of them so great for summer with sweaty feet. The bikini briefs are the most comfortable briefs I have ever owned and I will be buying more in the future. I bought the children’s school socks for my kids I love them and so do they. And well the wet hair wraps are an awesome product, so much easier than using a towel



I bought one pair at the Pop up Shop at Roma, I liked them so much, I’ve just ordered 4 more pairs online. They are really comfortable, very pleased with them.

J.G. Toowoomba


I have way too many sheets in my cupboard as I like variety when it comes to my bed sheets and blankets, but, once I discovered these bamboo sheets – Oh my god! I am never going to buy another set of cotton sheets be it 1000 TC, Egyptian cotton or anything else on the market that claims to be luxurious. These 100% bamboo fibre sheets are absolute heaven and feel so soft that makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning. I couldn’t settle for just one set to start with, so I purchased two! With so many beautiful colours available I can’t wait to purchase more and stock up my cupboard with these lovely soft bamboo sheets.

A. Florindo


I love my wet bag, I use it every time I travel. Great for toiletries and shower products.

Kira Glasby


The Bamboo dish cloths are such great value…I’ve been using mine for 2 weeks straight for everything in my kitchen and it still looks just as new and feels and smells fresh. It also grabs all of the kid’s spills and crumbs like no cloth I’ve used before and I love the lace look on the ladies lace detailed sock and most of all, that they are warm and soft feeling all day without being thick and bulky…perfect boot socks!

Kirsten York


All high quality products, the work soxs don’t stink ! Even after 5… days on) lol . Dish cloths are a money saver as well & the hair wrap – well I can’t go a day without it now, beats washing 2 towels a day,

C. Williams


I received my parcel of goods a few weeks ago and have been meaning to jump here ever since! Better late then never :-). All of the products are awesome, and of such a high quality. My husband is in love with his new work and sport socks, and keeps raving about them! I love the singlet, and hair wrap too! Everything is so soft, it is such a pleasure to wear. Thank you!!!!

Danielle Stiles


Love the lace detailed undies, tried them tonight. Absolutely love the feeling and sexy look. I have never had sexy, with high waist undies before! Thank you



I recently received some bamboo sheets and think they are nothing short of amazing. They are comfortable, soft and surprisingly warm! They feel of much higher quality than any other sheets I have bought before and have become my new favorite sheets. Thank you HoB!



You know they must be great when the man in house comments on them. We love the Bamboo sheets and will be using them all year round…no more flannelette sheets in our house. Now, to stock up for all the other members of the family. They are heavenly to sleep on.

I also love our Bamboo Blanket. It will be on our bed all year round. I love that it is so soft and light…the hardest part was choosing the colour but will definitely be purchasing more.

This luxurious hair wrap is a girl’s best friend in the bathroom. My hair is super soft when i remove it for styling, plus i also wrap my dry hair in it prior to applying my makeup. Also great for wrapping your hair up, to do a treatment.

Fantastic…I will never buy any other dishcloth. They never smell, are the perfect size and can be used for all cleaning jobs. I have kept one colour specifically in my bathroom for my face cloth as they are so soft to remove makeup…multi-purpose… maybe great for babies too.

Lynda Qld


I have enjoyed dealing with this business.  They are only too happy to exchange items if found not to be suitable,  for example size and purpose of use.    The ladies singlets are singlets and very snug so you may need to go up one or two sizes.  The waterproof bag is very suitable for my wet swimmers and I love my hair wrap.  It is very soft as are the kitchen wipes. It is wonderful to have a business out here in the bush coming to our local events and of course, shopping via the website is very easy.

J. Thomson


Best socks. No smell, last longer than bonds and Rio brands and very comfy.

Emma Rogers


I love everything in your range ….the sheets are divine to sleep on and i really love my two toned blanket…now my bed is done i will start the kids. Also GOODBYE to the chux styled dishcloths…never again will i purchase them as your dishcloths are the best…and they also make the perfect face wipe to remove makeup with water only…so versatile. Thankyou